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International Professional Development Organization (IPDO)

The International Professional Development Organization (IPDO) is an independent organization in Canada, a country that embraces people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. The IPDO is for professionals of all walks of industry, from all over the world, who would wish to maximize their potentials by sharing and exchanging ideas, developing resources, upgrading knowledge, and updating skills. The IPDO believes that, to benefit from globalization in this new millennium, professionals need to partake these activities in an international setting; and the IPDO is committed to provide the platform for the undertakings.

IPDO activities include conferences, seminars and workshops, where professionals can meet in person and over the internet, for advancement of knowledge and skills in various fields. Programs are also arranged with world renowned education institutions to provide custom-made training to the management personnel. Language classes (English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, etc.) are set up to facilitate cross-cultural communication and interaction. The instructors and mentors are professors, executives and administrators in Canada and overseas, who are high achievers in their respective field of work. They are glad to share their expertise and experience, help develop resources, and bring innovations to fruition.

Members of IPDO can get a chartered professional status after having demonstrated a training in administrative skills. IPDO will also assist members to obtain advanced academic credential by cooperating with several universities and institutes. 

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